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    Some of the pages on this site now need a Password. This is to protect the identity of living individuals. These pages are preceded with a (P). Until recently this public record information was available through sites like Rootsweb.com including births, maiden names of the mother etc. and I found some of the info in our tree at these sites. To protect this information from those few that are less than honest we will privatize these pages. If you didn't receive your password by e-mail or if you need one please click below. Also I won't be putting maiden names in the monthly Birthday list for the same reason and maiden names have been removed from photos that contain living adult descendants. Sorry, but if you have your Password you can find all of this info in the Descendants index. You will notice that there are two versions of some of the pages. The first index page contains only the first 8 generations of Unfrieds with no living persons listed. The protected pages are complete with all generations through the present date. The first E-mail page is without maiden names but from there you can click to view the full version. Once logged in you won't be asked for your password again until the next time you re-start your computer. Thanks . . . Dennis

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There is now a Photo Album of all the pictures on the site. Was completely recompiled July - 2008

November 25th, 2006

 What a great time was had when a few of my cousins met at Richard's home in LaMirada, CA. I hadn't seen Wesley since his wedding in 1962.  It also has been several years since seeing my cousins Carole and Richard but after all these years I noticed that we're still the same people inside.  It's hard to catch up on that many years with just a few short hours on a Friday afternoon the day after Thanksgiving. It was also great to meet Richard's son Tom and his wife Tina. I only took a few photos but everyone had cameras and as I get more pics they will be added.

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Unfried Cousins

Brothers, Don & Jerry from the Bakersfield area are members of a gospel quartet. They have a new web site with schedules, photos and other information at www.rsvquartet.com

Donald Unfried
Don & JerryJerry Unfried

Mt. Shuksan Glenn Unfreid took some beautiful photo's looking across "Picture Lake" towards "Mt. Shuksan" in Washington State where he & Tamara live.
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Some great photos of my cousins

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