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Paul Emil Unfried family

My beloved mother

September 28,1915 - December 3, 1977


"I remember thee in this solemn hour, my dear mother. I remember the days when thou didst dwell on Earth, and thy tender love watched over me like a guardian angel. Thou hast gone from me, but the bond which unites our souls can never be severed; thine image lives within my heart. May the merciful Father reward thee for the faithfulness and kindness thou has ever shown me; may he lift up the light of his countenance upon thee, and grant thee eternal peace! Amen."


My Father Paul
April 28, 1909 - January 1, 1988

Dad, fishing buddy and

Best Friend

- photo taken December of 1977 -


Pauline at 28 months young wearing her
'Shirley Temple' dress

More recent photo taken on the national holiday


Desperado Dennis on the run

Later when Desperado got caught


Dad on rented camel playing Egyptian (1978)
Right: Returned from the Mediterranean

"A Tribute To Uncle Paul"
~ author ~ Carole Unfried
January 6, 1988

    If there was ever a comedian who was underpaid.it was Uncle Paul! He had a way of keeping everyone laughing all the time no matter what the true circumstances seemed to be.

    What fond memories I have of his humorous ways! Even when we experienced sibling rivalries of older brothers, sisters or cousins, Uncle Paul could also referee in a fun loving way! When we skinned up our knees from playing outside his house or injured ourselves from climbing the school fence across the street after he told us not to on Sunday ..Uncle Paul always seemed to know how to make these childhood "disasters" turn into moments of hilarity and somehow our tears of frustration or pain would instantly turn into tears of joy and laughter.

    My most vivid memory of Uncle Paul was seeing him hang upside down by his toes from the door jam, scratching like a monkey and of course there were always sound effects to go with it! Of course, it needs to be mentioned..the crazy antics and the miraculous tricks of Uncle Paul's dog "Hemo." Tough tricks like rolling over and chasing cars down the street. Needless to say, Trainer, "Uncle Paul" always had some form of entertainment for all of us and that's why going to the house of 120th was always so special.

    Uncle Paul lived music! Whether it was imitating sounds of the different instruments, doing an oom pah pah for the German Band, playing the bass violin is the family orchestra or singing & sometimes whistling Ah Sweet Mystery of Life...it was evident that the international language of music was very much a part of his life!
Besides being a comedian and musician, Uncle Paul was a builder! Hammers and other tools brought about many churches, homes and other buildings. Even Liberace's home had Uncle Paul's special touch!

    He touched the lives of all his nieces and nephews building into each one of as the joy of laughter, hope and positive thinking. He had a way of making each one of us feel special and loved. It always seemed as if he was glad we had come to visit.

    Well the hammer and tools are silent and the builder no longer builds, the comedian no longer laughs and the musical sounds are silenced but the foundation that Uncle Paul built in each of us will stand for a long, long time!

    Thanks for music..thanks for laughter but more than that...thanks for just being you, Uncle Paul. We love you and will miss you.

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