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Anna (Unfried) Zimmermann


Anna's baby picture
Waldemare Zimmermann (son)
Older Kids
Elsie, Ruth and Waldie
Waldie and Thelma's wedding
Waldie's wedding
With Grandson
Thelma, Waldie & Grandson Ivan Kacalek

A new family photo page has been added for Waldie's son and his descendants.
Click here for Donald Zimmermann's page

Waldie's Grand Daughter, Donielle Brinkman and her husband James have a terrific web site with many current photos, contacts and a wealth of information about the Zimmermann family and what they are currently doing etc. It can be found at www.jimanddoni.com Please have a look and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Four generations
Anna's 75th Birthday with Ruth standing, Lynette sitting,
Jennifer 1 year old on lap and Lorene 2 1/2 years old


 John and Ruth Kopec
of Whitmore celebrated
their 50th wedding
anniversary June 11 with a reception at the Millville Community Baptist Church and a trip to their parents hometowns in Europe.
    The party was hosted by their children.

    The couple wed June 9, 1950, in Los Angeles.

    They retired after 23 years in the tropical fish business in Southern California.

    Their children are Lynette Helle of Redding and Jerry of Redding.

    They have three grandchildren and three step grandchildren.


Elsie's Wedding

The Flower girl is Carole (Unfried) Webb and the Ring Bearer is Wesley Walter Unfried

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