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Comment: October 3rd 2003 - Alright!!! Some hardware arrived from Champion trailer.
September 30th 2003 - A 25 degree notch was cut at the places on the outside rails where it will be bent to form the tongue.  A 50 degree coupling will then be welded on that will also accomodate the tongue jack.

October 2nd 2003 - After welding all but the front cross members the rails were bent to form a vee and then the front cross member was cut and welded in place.

October 2nd 2003 - The rails were welded together where the notches had been cut out for bending the tongue.  Also after squaring the frame a few gussets were installed to keep things from racking.

October 2nd 2003 - 1/4 X 2 angles were welded on as a base to mount the spring hangers.

October 2nd 2003 - Six pieces of angle with 3/8 holes were welded in place as mounting brackets to attach the floor. Carriage bolts with fender washers will be used and two nuts locked together on the bottom.

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October 3rd 2003 - Frame completed with several coats of of paint. The exposed front part of the frame will be painted white as will be the connector.

October 3rd 2003 - Although torsion axles install easier and are a little less expensive I chose leafs. Both suspensions can break but the springs are available most everywhere, very easy to replace and you can limp into a town for parts. Torsion's are made to order and if one fails the tear is stranded for as long as it takes to make a new one - sometimes weeks.  If towed it must be put on a flatbed which depending on mileage could exceed the cost of the original build.

October 3rd 2003 - Trial fit to make sure the axle and suppension fit correctly. It's a 2000/lb 4 drop axle with 1000/lb springs on 39 centers.
Note: This combination worked perfect with no bounce or sway in heavy cross winds.

October 5th 2003 - Underside of the connector is welded in place. The chains will also be welded to the frame.

October 16th 2003 - Just trying an idea to mount some swivel casters up underneath in back to help me out of my steep driveway.  Won't install unless needed on the first trip out the drive.
Note: They were never needed.

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