My name is Dennis Unfried and I attended Wiseburn which at the time was the only school in the Wiseburn School District. Started from Kindergarten through 8th grade graduating in 1951. The school name was changed to Richard Henry Dana in 1948. I only have four class pictures and they are posted below. I remember the faces so well but haven't been able to put names with most of them. A few have been named by Jack Ward, Donald Mustain and myself.
   Bette (Johnson) Reagan was also a great help in putting names with many of the faces.
   I would like to add class photos to fill in the years but these are the only ones I have at present. I hope anyone with additional years could send a scan and I will add more pages. Also if you can put names with some of the faces let me know and they will be added. Just email to me at the link on the bottom of this page.

Classmates named to date:
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Dennis Unfried, Chaurlle Eakin, Donald Mustain, Michael Hershberger, Bette Johnson, Rudy Schufelt, Dora Weatherman, Yvonne Duncan, Conrad Banks, Beverly Brown, Patricia Slaughter  

  Mrs. Titus (teacher), Delane Martinson, Rudy Schufelt, Chaurlle Eakin, Dennis Unfried, Bette Johnson, Dale Plumb, Billy Boyer, John Reese

 Reynold Rollins, Rudy Schufelt, Dale Plumb, Donald Mustain, Ralph Smith, Yvonne Duncan, Patricia Slaughter, Delois Hopkins, Sharon Felt, Patty Smith, Beverly Brown, George Shultz

Mrs. Tuck (teacher), Dale Plumb, Donald Mustain, Sharon Felt, Patricia Slaughter, Pat Delhay, George Shultz, Dennis Unfried, Delois Hopkins, Bette Johnson, John Reese, Rudy Schufelt, Conrad Banks, Reynold Rollins, Judy Elicke, Elizabeth Brunette, Don McDonald


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